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MIXPLUS is is a liquid, air entraining mortar plasticizer which imparts greater workability and cohesion. Whilst increasing durability when set. Mixplus readily with water in any proportions. It is based on the neutralized salt of vinsol resin and is free from calcium chloride and similar salts. Mixplus will reduce thermal movement and drying shrinkage in the cured mortar. Mixplus replaces lime in mortar mixes and reduces the amount of water required for workability. This result in reduced drying shrinkage and less cracking.


  • Since improves workability and trowelling properties of sand and cement mortar mixes during application and frost resistance for wide range of works like
  • Rendering, precast repair works, Brick laying,
  • Pointing works, etc.

Packing & Storage

Mixplus is available in 20 litres and 200 litres drums. For site installations, deliveries will be made in bulk to site storage tanks. Mixplus should be stored in cool, shaded warehouses. Shelf life is 12 months