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Mixgrout NS is a premixed cementitious non-shrink grouting system specially formulated to produce a high performance, pourable grout with high strength and slightly expansive properties. It is a blend of Portland cement, graded fillers and chemical additives, which impart controlled expansion in the plastic, state which whilst minimizing water consumption.


  • Repair of pre-cast concrete
  • Floor repairs and toppings
  • Heavy equipment and machinery foundations
  • Bedding bearing plates and grouting
  • Pre fabricated unit joints and cable grouting
  • For anchoring of holding down bolts hooks etc

Packing & Storage

MIXGROUT NS is available in 25 kg bags. For site installations or mass consumptions, deliveries shall be made in bulk customdesigned containers. MIXGROUT NS should be stored in cool, dry and shaded warehouses. Shelf life is 12 months when stored under cover, out of direct sunlight, protected from extreme temperatures and as per recommendations. In extreme tropical climate, the product must be stored in cooled ambience. Excessive humidity and over exposure to UV will result in the reduction of shelf life.