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Mixflow G8 is a calcium chloride based water reducing admixture / accelerating plasticizer designed to obtain high early strength in precast / glass fibre reinforced concrete, block, mortars and lintels areas where no reinforcement is used. The fully soluble property of Mixflow G8 solution results no separation even at low temperatures. Mixflow G8 will improve the workability retention characteristics of concrete whilst enabling lower water cement ratio to be achieved.


  • Ready mix and site batch concrete
  • Pre-cast concrete
  • Water tanks
  • G R C / G R P production
  • Block / Lintel manufacturing

Packing & Storage

Mixflow G8 is available in 20 litres and 210 litres drums. For site installations or mass consumptions, deliveries shall be made in bulk custom-designed containers. Should be stored in cool, shaded and dry warehouses, similar to cement. Shelf life is 12 months when stored under cover, out of direct sunlight, protected from extreme temperatures and as per recommendations. In extreme tropical climate, the product must be stored in cooled ambience. Excessive humidity and over exposure to UV will result in the reduction of shelf life.