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Mixbuild NF NS is a non sagging epoxy resin based bedding compound and adhesive. It is designed for use where non-slump characteristics are required. The system consistency makes the product Ideal for minor concrete repairs and re-profiling. It is thixotropic but easily workable compound that cures to give high mechanical properties and offers resistance to oil, grease, petroleum, salts, many acids and alkalis and most commonly met corrosive media. Mixbuild NF NS is a two-pack product containing fine aggregates that will not shrink on curing; the product is rapid curing, and does not shrink on curing.


  • Mixbuild NF NS may be used for a variety of bonding, repairing, bedding, gap filling and overhead applications, typically:
  • Repairing honeycombed concrete
  • Cracked plaster surface, mapping
  • Bedding bridge bearing
  • Fixing of brick slips
  • Gap filling adhesive
  • Filling bolt pockets
  • Bedding and grouting tiles
  • Repairs & grouting to GRC panels
  • Overhead repairs

Packing & Storage

Mixbuild NF NS is available in 3 kg kit (two parts). For site installations or mass consumptions, deliveries shall be made in bulk custom-designed containers. Mixbuild NF NS should be stored in cool, dry and shaded warehouses. Shelf life is 12 months when stored under cover, out of direct sunlight, protected from extreme temperatures and as per recommendations. In extreme tropical climate, the product must be stored in cooled ambience. Excessive humidity and over exposure to UV will result in the reduction of shelf life.