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Mixbuild HB is a single component polymer; cementitious medium weight repair mortar. When mixed with specified amount of water, a gray trowelable mortar results, it is ideal for high build applications on inverted or vertical surfaces. Mixbuild HB can be applied up to 50mm thick in one pass without formwork. Concrete repair mortar is specially formulated with fibre reinforced to produce shrinkage free mortar giving a smooth finish with excellent adhesion and very good water resistant properties.


  • Repair of damaged, weak or de bonded concrete
  • Repair of honey combed concrete & Crack filler for concrete
  • Patch work repair on horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces
  • Replacement of concrete suffering from attack of chlorides or sulphates
  • Replacement of concrete spalled or chipped

Packing & Storage

Mixbuild HB is available in 25 kg bags. Up to 12 months in unopened containers, Keep out of direct sunlight and moisture.