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MIXFLEX PS205 is a two component polysulphide sealant which, when mixed cures to form an elastic rubber. It gives excellent adhesion to glass, metal, concrete, masonry, wood and plastic. It’s capable of withstanding repeated extension and compression without any loss of adhesion. Mixflex PS 205 gives outstanding resistance to deterioration by weathering, oils, fuel, water, UV exposure, ozone etc. and remains unaffected by most alkalis and dilutes acids.


  • Sealing joints in buildings and structures that are subject to movements
  • Expansion joints, compression joints, structural joints and joints in in-situ concrete ie, reservoirs
  • Sealing of joints in cladding, profiled cement based sheeting and metal sheets.

Packing & Storage

Packing: 4 litres unit for pouring grade; 2.5 litres unit for gun grade Up to 12 months in manufacturer’s sealed containers stored in a cool dry place and away from high temperature (less than 35 ºC). Reseal the container after use and ensure product is stored as instructed on the label.